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Postseason talk? Still not gonna do it. The Vanderbilt Commodores finally won two games in a row -- that hadn't happened for a few weeks -- but they need to win five games in a row so that when they reach the SEC Tournament, they'll have a decent seed and a better bracket path that can put them in position to do some damage. Getting wrapped up in scenarios is nothing to discuss until the first weekend of March, when the SEC Tournament path boils down to an either-or question of some sort.

Until then, Bryce Drew's team has to keep its head down and earn tough wins. Wednesday's visit to the Tommy Bowl in Knoxville -- against an opponent which still has realistic (albeit declining) NCAA Tournament hopes -- doesn't figure to be remotely easy.

Vanderbilt finally took care of its home floor, twice in a span of just over 50 hours. The skeptics will say with good reason that this happened only after VU took its eye off the ball on the road against Missouri. This Tennessee tilt is -- in microcosm -- a chance for Vanderbilt to test itself against a rival and a formidable opponent. In a broader context, it's a chance for VU to string together good performances both at home and on the road, something this team has rarely achieved in 2017.

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