Pete Carroll, at USC and with the Seattle Seahawks, has formed labels for each day of the week, emphasizing a particular need for his team during a season.

One such label: "Tell The Truth Monday," when coaches and players must display honesty about what just happened over the weekend, for better and for worse.

On the final day of February in Rupp Arena, Vanderbilt will encounter "Tell The Truth Tuesday," but it's not a matter of personal honesty for the Commodores. This battle in the bluegrass is about revealing the true measure of what the Dores are this season.

First things first: Regardless of how Tuesday's game unfolds, and regardless of where the road leads over these next two weeks, Vanderbilt has laid a good foundation for the future. This team needed to get unstuck. It needed to wrench itself out of the deep, muddy tracks which had created a maddening pattern of stagnation: one win, one loss, one sign of encouragement, one abrupt regression.

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