This is a tense moment in American history. A divisive one. Experts are split on who will prevail. Can one team convince voters in Flyover Country that it is worthy of being elected?

No, this has nothing to do with national politics...

The tension surrounds the college basketball season.

The divisive moment is the furious debate over which teams should make the NCAA Tournament or not. Experts seem to be less certain than ever, given the volatility of a very weak bubble, one which -- if unable to be compared to 2007 or 1997 or 1987 -- is certainly weaker than 2016.

The team which needs to convince voters? Vanderbilt, of course.

The Flyover Country voting bloc? Why, that's the NCAA Division I Men's Basketball Committee in Indianapolis.

We're not going to talk about scenarios because we made a commitment to not talk about them unless or until this team did something to merit inclusion in the field.

That hasn't happened... not yet. It could happen on Saturday in Memorial Gym.

Standing in the way, Tim Russert?

Florida, Florida, Florida.

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