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Most MTSU fans and athletes are decent people who do unto others as they would want to be done to them, however, it seems like often when Vandy plays Middle some Blue Raider embarrasses that program because of their rotten behavior. If you are a person that advocates even the most basic level of sportsmanship the video inside will get you infuriated.

Back in the early 2000s, when the MT-Vandy series got going again, we had a MTSU mascot hump a Vandy cheerleader. Not smart. Last year we watched in disbelief as a MTSU player charged Derek Mason and absolutely nothing was done to this player by the CUSA officiating crew. Now we have a player who just flat out acts like a jerk on the field.

In the MTSU media notes regarding the Vandy-Middle game on Saturday, one section is titled "Academics are a Top Priority." Maybe they should add a class on basic sportsmanship and decency. Apparently, some didn't get any training in this area from their parents or pee wee coaches.

I used to be adamant against ever playing Middle. I have backed off on that somewhat in the past few years. However, if garbage like this continues I hope the Vandy admin will consider dropping MTSU from future schedule consideration.

If a player is willing to charge an opposing coach or be blatantly disrespectful to an opposing player, he would also likely have no issue with intentionally inflicting an injury on an opponent. I don't watch all Middle's game but I do watch the service academies and I know there were some dirty hits on Navy a few years ago when the Mids spanked Middle in a bowl game.

Vanderbilt players deserve to compete against honorable opponents. Sure our SEC brethren have some history of NCAA infractions as far as recruiting but they are usually somewhat honorable on the field. MTSU joined the Football Bowl Subdivision quite some time ago. If the Blue Raiders keep acting like children on the field, maybe they should bring in an assistant from Liberty University to clean things up. That team knocked off Baylor on Saturday in their first game as an FBS transitional team and their players play with honor.

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