second base play

On Thursday night Vanderbilt lost another heartbreaker to a usually inferior opponent. During the eighth inning, there was a very controversial "safe" call at second base which allowed the winning run to eventually be scored for Georgia. After the call, it was obvious by the reaction of the VU shortstop Connor Kaiser that this was going to be a very controversial call. While fans sat in the dark for several minutes, the play was reviewed and the call on the field was upheld. This event got me to wondering why we don't have replay at Hawkins Field?

Why would you pay all this money for a beautiful jumbotron scoreboard and not have replay? We have replay in Memorial Gym. We have replay in Vanderbilt Stadium but no replay at Hawkins Field for the major sport that Vanderbilt has had the most success with this century.

Let's see, beautiful jumbotron without replays. That's kind of like buying Lamborghini without air conditioning. Why would you do that? Or buy a beautiful home without a roof? It doesn't make sense.

I'm sure there are some underlying reasons as to why we don't have replay in Hawkins Field. Probably reason No. 1 is money, the root of just about everything.

Whatever the reason, we need replay in Hawkins Field. Baseball is a social sport. People go to the games not only to watch the game but to chat with family and friends. The game is not quite as high pace in action as the other two major sports. Fans are more likely to miss big plays but they want to know what happened while they were talking with their buddy.

I also can't help but think what effect that replay might have had on Thursday night if those officials who reviewed that pivotal play at second had heard a couple of thousand Vanderbilt fans giving their opinion about what the replay decision should have been.

Let's get it done Vanderbilt.

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